About Us

“Kinkoona” is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning “Laughing. That is what we love to hear. We are both Australian and American and call our sheep in each night with a traditional Australian farm call of “Coo-wee”.

We graze our diverse flock of sheep through pastures on a rotational basis. This maintains not only the health of the sheep but also of the pastures and their resources.

We have many “value added products” and as a family all of us are an integral part of Kinkoona. This farm truly operates equally amongst us all.

We welcome sharing our farm life…even the chores!

Each year, on Mother’s Day weekend, we have coordinated the “Tour The Farm” event. This is a time where anyone can come and tour several small family farms and have the opportunity to question and learn all about farming experiences.

Learning and laughter is what we are about.