Education + Farm Day Camps


Sheep Talk...

As you probably know, sheep “talk” to each other by bleeting and baaing. This is one of the reasons we call this site "baabaashop".

Just like you and I, sheep sound different from each other. One mother calling to her baby lamb sounds different from another. She finds her baby this way and then identifies it by the scent. This helps her recognize her baby lambs from the time they are born.

On the other hand, the grandpas and grandmas in the flock (a group of sheep) sound different again.

The sheep find each other in a large field, their voices carry to one another easily. It is funny to see the lambs suddenly find their mommas that had wandered off to eat while the lambs were distracted playing (something the lambs do a lot of). They baa when they are hungry, frightened, happy and playful. All baas have their own sounds. After a while a person can even tell the differences.

Farm Day Camps

For Families and Groups

May-September 2014

Over summer 2014 we will no longer be holding scheduled day camps however if you know of 5 or more children who would be interested let us know and we will try and allocate a camp timetable for them as a group. Get your friends together and give us a call! (608)897-3983

I look around me and wonder. Are our kids just walking by without noticing what we played amongst as children? Do they know what a carrot looks like in the ground? Do they know how to identify the trees and plants that just grow wild around them? Too many times kids visit Kinkoona and don’t know how to shell peas, how to take responsibility to see a project to completion, how to repair and make something from the things lying around. Yep, things don’t have to come out of a kit, nor do they need to beep, nor do they change channels. It is wonderful here!

We are nestled in a dell amongst Amish country. Black horse-drawn carriages are a regular sight. Life is simple. We see the plants and animals all around us. The rabbits, raccoon, deer and birds are part of the natural environment we live with. We have 48 acres, 8 of which are wooded. We are primarily a sheep farm but have all the animals that you could probably sing about in "Old Mac Donald’s Farm". I think it was possibly meant to be "Old Kinkoona Farm".

We home school and farm in a chemical-free way. We share the work. We try hard to be stewards of the earth. Our camps will encourage immersion into farm life and our goal is to heighten children’s awareness of nature that is around them and to foster responsibility, caring for each other and creativity.

The camps will be open to elementary school-aged children. A mixture of ages is encouraged so that sharing will occur at a variety of levels. An ideal number of children per camp will be six.

Days: The camps will extend for 3 days each, on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday sequence.

Hours: The hours of the camp are from 8.30am to 4.00pm daily.

Clothing: This will be an active farm camp. The children are expected to become dirty and will need to have clothes suitable for outdoor activities. Comfortable footwear, preferably closed shoes are suggested.

Food: Snacks will be available for the children. However, each family is asked to provide a packed lunch for their own children. Please see the registration form and identify any known allergies to food in this section to ensure snacks will be appropriate.

Although each camp will have its own theme, all will incorporate farm life in its many aspects.

Daily Schedule – 8.30am - 9.30am Farm chores
9.30am - 12.00pm Theme event of day camp
12.00pm - 1.00pm Lunch and free play
1.00pm - 3.00pm Continued theme and art/craft related activities
3.00pm - 4.00pm Fun, cool down activities and sharing camp experiences.

A Little More About the Farmer:
I have home schooled my children through elementary school and plan to continue as far as they are inspired. I am a licensed Occupational Therapist and a Dance Movement Therapist. I hold current First Aid and CPR certificates.

I am Australian (which could account for the sheep) and have entered into my fifth year on this farm. We have as a family discovered the joys of country living and are constantly visited by people from far and wide. We love to share what we are fortunate to have and enjoy meeting people from all walks of life. I believe a lot of our children are becoming nature deficient. Keeping our children in touch with nature will not only help them become more aware conscious people, but will also keep our future generations caring for the environment that surrounds them and thus help to preserve its beauty.

“Kinkoona” means “Laughter” in Australian Aboriginal. We hope this will be a large part of the camp experiences.

Registration Fees: $150 for the three-day camp per child. A $75 deposit is required to hold a space with the remaining amount due one week prior to the camp.